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Flir Thermal Imaging Camera

Thermal imaging included at no cost free at all home inspections Houston best home inspector houston

Flir Thermal Imaging Camera used throughout the home for signs of water penetration that can not be seen with the naked eye. Electrical issues, missing insulation, HVAC leaks, 

Phantom 4 Drone with Camera

Drone inspection of roof 2 3 or 4 story homes when roof not accessible by ladder Roof inspection

Phantom 4 Drone for Roof Inspection when the roof surface is not accessible due to height. Great 2, 3 and 4 or more story homes.

Zip Level Pro-2000

Zip Level measure foundation at inspection in Houston by best home inspector level foundation

Zip Level Pro-2000 used to measure all foundations for indications of movement.


My knowledge and Experience from 25 years in Construction and 19 years as a home inspector.

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