Sample Home Inspection Reports

Sample Inspection Report - 1

New Home Inspection Third Party Final Construction Houston Phase Inspection Cost Best Home Inspector

2400 sq foot New Construction home. 4 stories with rooftop patio.

Sample Inspection Report - 2

Pre Sale Real Estate Pre Purchase home inspection services in Houston real estate house best cost

4000 sq foot home with garage apartment built in 1986

Sample Inspection Report - 3

Pre Sheetrock Frame Phase Third Party Inspection Houston Home Inspector best inspection company cost

4000 sq foot pre sheetrock frame stage inspection - New Construction

Sample Inspection Report - 4

Builders 1 or 2 year warranty inspection Third Party Home Inspection Houston Inspector Thermal best

One Year Old Home Warranty Inspection Report

Sample Inspection Report - 5

Houston Phase Inspection Third Party Inspector Final Pre Walk Through Inspection quote best inspecto

2300 sq foot New Construction 3 story home. Third Party Phase Inspection

Sample Inspection Report - 6

Houston Home Inspection Real Estate Inspection Bellaire best inspector cost fee quote final phase

5880 sq foot existing residential home inspection built in 1999

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